The Media Kit was developed for anyone and everyone use in conjunction with the Wealth Tax proposal for a one-off tax to be paid by the richest 10% of the population, clearing the national debt. It contains suggestions about how to take on the arguments in our media which are being used to justify the government’s spending cuts over any alternative.
The coalition government are experts in public relations and each of the falsehoods they have perpetrated needs to be challenged. In the Media Kit, we discuss each of these in turn and give alternatives to these arguments backed up with support and evidence from commentators and experts.

You can use the Media Kit to push the Wealth Tax into the press, use its arguments as a springboard for debate, or simply use it as a resource for finding out more about the economy. The Media Kit also includes a list of various media outlets and how you can contact them directly to ask them why alternatives to the cuts are not being featured. 

You can download the Media Kit here. Feel free to use it, share it and help us spread the word.